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Batch #1 feedback summary

Five companies graduated from the first batch ofthe Estonian health tech accelerator and gave brief feedback to the accelerator team. The teams were Gearbox Biosciences, Menken Trials, SafePAS, ÄIO, Softrobot. Representatives of the first batch companies described the key mentors of the Estonian health tech accelerator as precise and helpful experts who have contributed to their business growth through sharing contacts and knowledge. Gratitude and satisfaction were evident in the feedback. Companies were also satisfied with the expertise of the science mentors, although there was some criticism regarding one of the mentors' different field of specialization. There was a lot of positive thoughts, with keywords such as assistance, asking the right questions, and supporting development being mentioned. Satisfaction with field-specific mentors was great, although two teams did not see the need for additional guidance from field-specific mentors in their activities. 

Participants were happy that the program did not only take place online but also in real life. It was suggested that manual/guidelines with requirements should be created for invoicing to avoid additional work. The feedback on group training was positive, with no negative comments, and it was seen as interesting and beneficial to companies. The trainers were experts in their field, and it was possible to get network with other teams on-site, which was an additional bonus. It was recommended by the teams to add seminars regarcing the ABC of finance for people with a science background and medical and health oriented regulation and certification training.

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