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Mapping Estonian Health Tech Landscape

A Comprehensive Guide to Estonia's Health Tech Ecosystem


The survey explores the services accessible to health tech start-ups and highlights both opportunities and challenges present in the healthcare sector. The survey uncovers nine pivotal challenges shaping the health tech ecosystem in Estonia:


Limited Experience: In Estonia, there's a notable gap in experience when it comes to nurturing businesses centered on deep tech solutions, particularly within the healthcare sector.


Ecosystem Awareness: A lack of general awareness exists concerning the specialized business ecosystem, including the identification of stakeholders and the potential for mutual benefit.


Few Success Stories: There are not many examples of both well-established companies and new startups that have succeeded.


IP Commercialization: Limited expertise and practice are evident in the area of turning intellectual property into financially viable operations.


Clinical Partnerships: A deficit in strong collaborations with clinical experts is apparent, and the platforms for such partnerships remain underdeveloped.


Funding Constraints: Given the often lengthy development cycles associated with healthcare technology, the available funding options are inadequate.


Investment Attraction: Difficulty exists in drawing both local and international investment into the ecosystem.


Entrepreneurial Skills: Both new and established companies frequently display a lack of essential business skills necessary for growth.

Talent Shortage: The ecosystem experiences a limited supply of workforce possessing the requisite knowledge and experience.

The opportunities for overcoming the obstacles identified in the study will be addressed in the strategy for the development of start-up companies in the field of healthcare for the years 2023-2028.

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