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A Strategic Roadmap for Estonia's Health Tech Sector

Strategy for Health Tech Ecosystem represents an ambitious vision in the field of health technology and services, aiming to achieve significant progress in promoting medical innovation and entrepreneurial activity. 


The strategy focuses on five main areas of action:


Encouraging Innovation: Creating an environment that encourages and supports new and innovative initiatives in the health technology sector.


Supporting Exports: Raising the international profile of the Estonian health technology sector to contribute to the growth of exporting companies.


Increasing Knowledge and Experience Related to Industry Regulations: Enhancing the skill set and knowledge base to better adapt to the sector's rapid development and regulatory challenges.


Increasing the Number of Specialists in the Field: Expanding the number of competent and experienced experts in the health technology sector to ensure sustainable growth.


Expanding Financing Options and Improving Access to Capital: Developing structures and measures that expand financing options and facilitate the inclusion of capital.

The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the "Startup Estonia" program (No. EU60971). The project "Services for the Creation and Development of Deep Tech Startups and the Development of a Deep Tech Business Ecosystem in Estonia" was carried out in cooperation with AS SmartCap.

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