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Batch #2 feedback summary

Nine companies graduated from the second batch of the Estonian health tech accelerator and gave the accelerator team feedback to improve on. The teams that gave feedback were EsaDres, Raw Edge, Kekoa, Vectiopep, Augmental, Therasync, Silklytics, HeBA clinic. Claivo team did not give feedback. Company representatives described the key mentors as supportive, collaborative and some even said - enthusiastic and extraordinary. Each graduate gave the mentors a rating at it resulted in an average of 4,5/5. In general, companies were satisfied and the seminars were beneficial to develop the business further in the health sector, the key mentors added onto it with their advice from industry experience and valuable contacts, connections. It was mentioned that sometimes the mentors could have listened a bit more before giving advice and as some of them are quite busy professionals, it was sometimes hard to set up a meeting with them. It was mentioned that it would have been beneficial if there was pre-made bulletpoints from the accelerator team/mentor to go through to have a bit more structure in communicating and helping as there can be similar health-tech related obstacles for multiple teams. 


The satisfaction with science-mentors was a bit lower but still mostly positive, some mentioned that there was not that much new information received but if questions needed answers, they were answered quickly and professionally. The personal discussions with mentors stood out and the program helped in building a bigger network between organizations and partners. Multiple teams did not use the field-specific mentors as it was not needed but the ones that did, were mostly satisfied with them. It was seen as highly beneficial and helped them take steps towards their goals. Some teams did not know that the field-specific mentors could be called into action, which is definitely something to improve in the communication.

The group seminars were seen as highly beneficial for health tech companies, but it was also mentioned that there could be more structure in terms of the seminar build-up. Some mentioned that each seminar was not for them but then again others exceeded the expectations and the opportunity for networking was very valuable.  In general the representatives stated that they made progress towards the company goals, received consultations and activities that would not have been possible otherwise. It was also mentioned that it was a versatile experience, where one could receive contacts and partners for the future.

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